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When I was seven years old, I was once reprimanded by my mother for anact of collective brutality in which I had been involved at school. A group of seven-year-olds had been teasing and tormenting a six-year-old. "It is always so," my mother said. "You do things together which not one of you would think of doing alone." ...

Wherever one looks in the world of human organization, collective responsibility brings a lowering of moral standards. The military establishment is an extreme case, an organization which seems to have been expressly designed to make it possible for people to do things together which nobody in his right mind would do alone. | Freeman Dyson
Sistema Gestor de Base de Datos (SGBD)
Enlaces Web Sitios web sobre sistema de gestion de bases de datos y datawarehouse para inteligencia de negocios (business intelligence)
  Enlace Web
  Link   Bizgres
SGBD basado en postgresql optimizado para hacer de almacen de datos y consultas de inteligencia de negocio (MDX)
  Link   EnterpriseDB
SGBD basado en postgressql pensado para facilitar migraciones desde Oracle e implantaciones con replicación
  Link   PostgresSQL
Sitio oficial de nuestro SGBD preferido

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